Sunday, January 1, 2012


The past month has been kind of a blur.  I haven't been keeping up with the blog because of lack motivation and because of a lack of material in which to update with.  I finished school for good in December and I now have more time to concentrate on climbing.  This is a long awaited moment for me because I've focused on school for the past couple years and have neglected climbing in some ways.  I'm excited to be able to focus on climbing  and am excited for it to be my main priority once again.

I'm in Hueco now with a great crew and I couldn't be more psyched.  I am enjoying a break from climbing in the gym constantly and am happy to be out of Atlanta for a minute.  I don't feel like I'm in the greatest shape ever and I certainly don't feel that prepared to climb on hard boulders but I'm making it my goal to try as many hard boulders as I can on this trip.  One of my biggest weaknesses in climbing is my lack of confidence on hard climbs and I feel like gaining experience on difficult boulders will help me in the long run. 

After three climbing days I feel like I'm starting to get into my groove and I finally managed to do a problem yesterday in the East Spur called Coeur de Leon, V12.  Below are some pics that John Gass snapped...

Coeur de Leon V12 - John Gass photo

Coeur de Leon V12 - John Gass photo

We are resting again today and are going to get up early tomorrow so we can try to get onto North.  Four more climbing days!  Gotta try and make them count!