Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's been a long while since I last posted.  Mostly because not much has been happening on the climbing front.  After returning from Colorado in June I was busy resetting the gym after youth nationals and studying hard for my last semester.  Since then I've been climbing in the gym a bunch and focusing on getting the semester over with.

This last weekend was the first leg of the Triple Crown bouldering series in Boone, NC.  Last year I swore it'd be my last year competing but I somehow managed to talk myself into competing again this year.  Lucky for me my friends Brion and Jimmy both decided to sit out of the Hound Ears comp which made things a little easier.

Competitors awoke Saturday morning to terrible conditions.  The roads were wet, rain was intermitent, and it was cold.  The judges decided to call the event and wait until Sunday in hopes of better conditions.  A group of us decided it was best to go into town and grab breakfast and then try to head somewhere other than Hound Ears to climb.  We settled on going to Lost Cove and when we arrived at the parking spot we were greeted by sunny skies and a crisp breeze.  It was amazing to find such great conditions only 15 minutes away from Hound Ears and we had a pleasant day climbing in the hills of North Carolina.

Sunday was the perfect day for a Hound Ears comp.  Temps were cold and the wind was blowing.  The day was really enjoyable.  I was able to climb with my friend Nate Draughn the entire day which was quite nice considering we don't get to climb together all that much.  After it was all said and done I managed to win my first Triple Crown event and Nate ended up taking 2nd.  It seemed like everybody was climbing strong and having a great time. Check out Brion Voges' video below for some climbing in Boone...

Last Saturday was the Stone Fort portion of Triple Crown.  It was a little odd competing in two events on back to back weekends but it turned out to be great.   The conditions were completely opposite from Hound Ears the weekend before.  It was sunny and humid with temps in the mid 70s.  Again, I was able to climb the entire day with my buddy Nate Draughn and we were able to come out in 1st and 2nd place again at this comp.  For now its back to the gym and back to school work.  I have 2 months left before I graduate and I am looking forward to never picking up a textbook again.  This weekend is going to be low key but I'm hoping to get out to Boone before the end of October.  I'm psyched on a bunch of problems in the south right now and can't wait until December to make it back to Hueco!   

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