Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to the South

Well our time here in Colorado is coming to a close.  On Sunday John, Preston, and I went back down to Lincoln Lake for a final session in the area.  It was quite warm but I managed to make a flash ascent of the INCREDIBLE Honey Badger V10 and I was also able to hook up Unshackled Sit V10 with the quickness.  I have to say that Honey Badger is amazing and if you are ever at Lincoln Lake you need to at least look at this problem. 

Unshackled Sit V10 - Photo: Allen Chaney

Honey Badger V10 - Photo: Preston Alexander

Our last climbing day was Monday and we went back out to Area A to try and finish up some unfinished business. Long story short, none of us were able to pull anything off!  Oh well!  NEXT YEAR! Although I would have liked to finish off Ode, failing to do it gives me the the extra drive to get back to the gym to train harder in order to accomplish future goals. I am psyched to get back into Stone Summit and train for the remainder of the summer with goals and projects in mind for the fall and winter season.  I've seen huge gains from our training sessions at the gym and I truly believe that this is the best gym I've ever been to! 

Today we will be spending our time packing, sitting by the pool, and eating more ice cream.  Tomorrow we make the long 23 hour journey back to Atlanta.  Thanks to everybody for the encouragement while I've been out here.  Much appreciated!  That means YOU, Jonathan Brandt!

Ladies and gentlemen, Jonathan Brandt.


  1. Sweet pictures all around from CO, are you going to be pushing out any videos of your time there?

  2. I won't be posting any video but my buddy John Gass has been shooting a bunch and will be putting out some video near the end of the summer! Keep an eye out for it!