Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time for an Adventure

Not much has been happening the past week or so.  The majority of my time is spent on school work.  Its kinda funny to imagine what professors think when they assign work.  I really don't think they understand that students take more than one class a semester.  In all 5 of my classes I have at least a chapter of reading assigned every week, and in some cases two.  I spent 8 hours reading the other day for one class and wasn't even able to finish the four assigned chapters.  Add to that discussion questions, assignments, projects, quizzes, and studying for exams for all your classes and its easy to find yourself with NO time.  The extra work is a major disadvantage to online classes, however, it allows me to free up time to climb during the week.

On a climbing-related note I managed to get out a couple times over the last week or so and managed to do some problems on my list for this year including BERT V11, Mega Man V11, and JH V10. I have  video of a couple problems from the Chattanooga area but I haven't had time to touch the footage, so keep an eye out for that here soon.

Nate on a Hustle and Flow

A large crew is heading to Arkansas tomorrow.  It snowed 12-18 inches in Jasper today so we are going in expecting the worst and hoping for the best.  The snow shovel and brushes are packed.  Friday is looking like a day full of boulder brushing. The weather is looking good for the rest of the week so we are optimistic!  A couple of us are psyched to get back to boulders we left unfinished from our previous visit so hopefully we can make something happen!


  1. I hear ya! Why don't they understand that we have a life outside of school?

  2. Its definitely mentally exhausting!

  3. Question is... do you have uncut footage??