Monday, December 13, 2010

Hueco Update #3

Another couple of days have passed here in Hueco. Time seems to be flying by and even though we have a week left, it seems that things are winding down. I find myself having to be somewhat selective on problems I try now so I don't end up getting in over my head with several projects.

Voges and Jimmy got into town on Friday, and on Saturday Voges and I went up to Bleeding Brothers V12 to see if we could do anything on the problem. I ended up flailing but Voges sent in quick fashion. Nice!

Voges on Bleeding Brothers V12

Voges on Bleeding Brothers V12

Afterwards we met up with Jimmy in the Martini Cave to try Esperanza. I've tried the problem a couple times already and I feel like if I had two weeks to dedicate to the boulder than I might be able to piece it together. Its pretty cool trying Esperanza because it feels like how The Womb at Rocktown felt to me 3 years ago. I would love to do the problem one day and its awesome to even be able to try it.

Trying Esperanza - Hayley's Photo

Yesterday we went to East where Voges nearly did Slashface. He will send soon for sure. We made our way to Full Service V10 and Full Throttle V13 at the end of the day. I was psyched to be able to do Full Service quickly and Jimmy, Brian Antheunisse, and I put in work on Full Throttle. We are heading back at the end of the week and I'm sure there will be a take down.

Tomorrow we are heading to the Spur again to try Nagual V13. Brian Antheunisse was SUPER close the last time we were out there, falling going to the jug at the lip. Voges and I have yet to try it so we are PSYCHED! My fingers are sweating just thinking about it.

Brian Antheunisse on Nagual V13 - Hayley's Photo

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