Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Horse Pens 40 Wrap Up

The Horse Pens 40 comp was a success and I ended up taking 3rd place in open!  I had my best climbing day I've ever had at HP and even managed to do a few new boulder problems...something that doesn't happen often for me on a comp day.  Although I had a good day, my friends Jimmy and Brion had even better ones, who took 1st and 2nd respectively.  It was extremely impressive to watch them both on what had to be the record for best climbing day at Horse Pens.

My ticklist for the day:

Pegmato V9
Five-O V9
Cadillac Thrills V9
Skeletor V10
Super Slider V10
Hot n Tot V10
Balrog V10
Great Dane V10
The Process V10
God Module V11

It was a really fun day hanging out in great weather at one of the best bouldering areas in the country.  Every time I go back I remember there are still problems that I haven't done yet and I get the itch to head back. The weather is a bit warm at the moment but I'm hoping to get back before I leave for Hueco in 2 weeks! 


  1. Pretty amazing that you guys can do all those problems in the course of a day. There aren't that many other double digit problems you could even do are there?? Saw a picture of you trying Illusions and then there is Genetics, but not many else right?

  2. Genetic and Illusions are probably the only other double digit boulders in the park. Jimmy and Brion both did Illusions and Jimmy also managed Genetic at the VERY end of the day. Impressive to say the least!

  3. wow can i haff your autograph

  4. Someone needs to do the Sun Wall . . . and a midget with small fingers needs to do The Seam =P