Saturday, November 20, 2010

6 Days

The long wait for our departure to Hueco is coming to a close.  Its crazy to think about how the anticipation for this trip began in February, some 37 weeks ago, and now we are within a week away from leaving! 

The last week or two have been non stop as I try to finish up the semester before leaving next Friday morning.  Technically the semester isn't finished for another 2 and a half weeks, but there is no way I'm doing school work while I'm in Texas, so I'm having to bust out a serious amount of work.  Having to put so much effort and energy into school a week or two before leaving has definitely left me a bit mentally drained.  At the moment my focus isn't really on climbing, but on school.  However, as I start to knock out assignments and as my to-do list dwindles, I can feel the anticipation start to build back up. 

It seems like there are going to be quite a few people from the southeast in Hueco between now and Christmas, so it'll be cool to know people while we are out there.  Its always nice to have a strong southeast presence when you are on a climbing trip. 

6 DAYS!!!  CAN'T WAIT!!!

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