Monday, August 30, 2010

Top 10 Movies To Get Me Through The Summer

So I finally got outside for the first time since March!  OHHH BOY!  It might not be prime yet but getting out was a much needed break from climbing indoors for 5 or 6 months.  Hayley and I heard that a couple friends were putting on a Slope n' Slide (think giant slip n' slide) event at HP40 and we were psyched to be in attendance.  Although I didn't participate in the slippery portion of the event I did have a great time running around trying to repeat problems in the heat!  Things went better than expected and it makes me even more psyched for the good fall conditions to roll in.

Photo: Hayley Watts

Photo: Hayley Watts

Right now we are back in Illinois visiting family.  We leave Sunday to go back to GA for a few days then we are off to North Carolina for our friends' wedding.  On the way back we are planning on sampling some of the climbing in Boone.  Definitely looking forward to it!

This summer was pretty crazy with school and work and I never really had the chance to get outside (or wanted to for that matter due to the heat).  In between the gym sessions, school work, and work I kept myself busy searching the internet for climbing videos as well as watching videos I own on DVD.

Below is a list of MY TOP 10 FAVORITE CLIMBING VIDEOS that held my interest throughout the summer.

1.) Between the Trees - my all time favorite climbing film

2.) Progression - South Africa segment

3.) Dosage V - Arkansas and Alpine bouldering segments

4.) Dosage IV - Hueco segment

5.) Nalle Hukkataival in the bouldering short Could Be Worse

6.) Angie Payne on No More Greener Grasses -

7.)  Brion Voges in Colorado
8.)  Hueco Rock Rodeo Clips
9.)  Phil Schaal in Hueco
10.)  Daniel Woods in Colorado

Obviously there are other videos out that are more than worthy...these just happen to be in my top ten.  Check them out if you get a chance. Maybe they'll give you that extra little bit of motivation to get through the final warm weather months.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall is Approaching!

This is by far the most amount of time I've spent climbing indoors.  Even when I lived in Illinois I would brave the heat and humidity and take day trips to Southern Illinois for a day of bouldering.  School took up the majority of my time this summer and I have to say that I'm glad its over.  I had a two week break after my last final and classes start back up today.  UGH!  It never ends!  All is good though.  Fall is upon us here in the south and psych is high.  Everyday the temperature and humidity seem to drop a little bit more.  The cool temps and crisp conditions will be here before we know it.

I've had my ticklist prepared for about a month now and it always seems to be growing.  I'll randomly think of another problem that I want to do this season and it'll get added right underneath the last one.  Right now I think I have 42 problems on the list.

I've been in the gym climbing and preparing for the winter season a lot lately and I feel like I'm in the best shape I've ever been in.  I've really been working my weaknesses and I hope it pays off.  Pinches, big moves, and power problems have been the name of the game for me.

I signed up for the first two events of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series and can't wait to see how things play out this year.  I won't be attending the last event at Stone Fort because I'll be in HUECO!  So psyched!  Can't wait! 

Like I said, conditions are getting a little better everyday and it seems that fall is around the corner.  Motivation is high and I'm really looking forward to stepping outside one morning to cool, crisp temps.  BOOM!