Sunday, March 7, 2010

HP Rocks Comp

Yesterday I competed in the HP Rocks comp at Horse Pens 40 in Alabama.  The weather was a touch on the warm side for the famous HP40 slopers but it was a perfect day to be outside.  The format for this comp was a little bit different from the Triple Crown format and it ended up suiting me quite nicely.  Instead of taking the top 10 scores from your scorecard for the total score, yesterday's format was endurance based.  In the open division only problems rated V7 and up were tallied together for the day's total score but you were allowed to complete as many problems as you could.  It was a really fun challenge and a nice change from the usual comp format at these outdoor events.  I ended up with a total of 24 problems, all repeats except for one, and I was extremely worked after it was all said and done.  

My 24 for the day...

-Thugs and Bitches V8
-Hugs and Kisses V8
-Ghetto Superstar V8
-The Thief V7
-Chattanooga Plow V7
-The Flow V7
-Odd JobV8
-Squeeze Play Low V7
-Five-0 V9
-Cadillac Thrills V9
-Waterloo V8
-God Module V11
-Slider V9
-Litz Pocket Problem V7
-Lawdog V8
-Suspicion V8
-Landslide V8
-Slushpuppy Low V7
-Consumption V7
-Stepchild V7
-Kiss V7
-Don't Rock the Boat V7
-Its a Natural V7

I ended up taking first in open and brought home some extra cash, which is awesome!  I didn't even think about climbing today and am very much looking forward to a couple of rest days.

A big thanks to all those who helped put on this event.  It was a blast and I look forward to coming back next year!


  1. Damn, not a bad circuit...for a lifetime!

  2. Jeez. Not bad at all. A bunch of people and myself are rolling down to Chattanooga in a few weeks, HP40 is definitely on our list.

  3. yeah i've spent a lot of time at hp40 over the last few years and its amazing. check it out if you get a chance!

  4. damn son, that is a hell of a day.