Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Projects Completed

First of all...sorry for the lack of pictures...I've been taking the video camera out with me instead of the photo camera.  Stay tuned for some video...I'm working on a little bit longer video at the moment that I'm hoping to have done soon.  Nothing special...just a collaboration of some climbs in the south.

Anyways...after waiting out the rain early this weekend I headed back to Rocktown on Sunday to try and finish up Fire in the Mountians...or to at least do the crux move.  Before heading to the back area to work on Fire we stopped at a boulder that I've never really spent much time on called Digital Scales V9.  Digital Scales is a shoulder wrecker of a problem...a.k.a. hard for me...so I was really psyched when I did the low crux section on my second go.  After figuring out some beta for the top section I was able to piece it together for the send.  I was happy to start the day off right and I soon made my way to Fire in the Mountains for my third round of attempts.

I tried Fire from the start a few times with no success and figured it would be good to try and just do the crux move...especially since I hadn't done it before.  I pulled on, everything felt just right, and I did the move!  It was time to try it from the start.  After one failed attempt I brushed the holds and tried again.  This time everything felt right.  I stuck the crux move and somehow scraped my way to the top of the boulder.  I don't really remember anything after doing the crux.  It was one of those autopilot situations. Looking back on it it was probably a good thing I didn't start thinking, otherwise I probably would have sketched myself out and fallen!  HA.

Afterwards Nate Drolet, Senya, and I went to a boulder that I'd never tried before called Iron Claw Sit V10.  We were all psyched to try it and Nathan dispatched the stand V7 for the flash.  After some work and a couple of 'one more tries' I barely managed to top the boulder out.  All in all it was a really fun day and I am happy to have done my project as well as a couple other amazing boulders.  Next on my list of destinations is Dayton!  Hopefully it dries up so I can make it up there later this week...

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