Saturday, February 27, 2010

Southern Slang Video

Here's a video JWeb put together a little while ago of Southern Slang V11 in Tennessee.  Enjoy!

Creek Project from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Check out the highlights from this years bouldering nationals here .  Motivation in video form.  I'm off to the gym...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Southern Sampler

So I've been working on putting together a little video for a little while now.  Its nothing special but I know its nice to have a little bit longer video to watch, so I started working on one.  Well it turns out it is harder to do than I thought.  Trying to gather enough footage is fairly difficult, especially when you are impatient like I am.  Instead of waiting for another month and trying to gather more footage I figured I'd just show what I have....

A Southern Sampler from Brad Weaver on Vimeo.

I have been pretty busy with school recently and haven't really had a chance to get out much.  I've been crazy busy in the gym though.  Motivation is high and I have started to train a little bit.  Mostly just bouldering a lot and doing some core stuff.  Most of the motivation is coming from plans that we are making for the end of the year. Hayley and I have made Hueco reservations for late November through late December and I couldn't be more psyched!  Hueco has been at the top of my destination list for a while now and I want to make sure I am in top shape when I finally get there, even if it is still a long way off.

Temperatures are starting to warm up in the southeast now and it seems like winter is leaving us.  Yesterday was my first day back route climbing in a few months and it was painful!  I have no endurance or lead head right now but I am sure it will come back quickly.

Friday, February 12, 2010

DeadpointMag Video

The video Brion, Jimmy, and I shot with Projekt Media a few weeks ago is up and live on  Click HERE to check it out.  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chain Slaannnggg!

The 10 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains

  I found the most ridiculous thing today...check it out by clicking the link above!!! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Solutions are KEY!

Joe Kinder passed along this video of Daniel Woods in France this past fall.  From Joe...

"This content was shot in the Gorges Du Loup, which is in the South of France. It is a great summer spot with the beach near, a beautiful gorge, and some test-pieces that kept us busy for a month and a half.

Daniel impressed all of us, including the locals with his fanaticism and efforts he put in each day. He would try one 9a and immediately after run over to jump on an 8c+, and then 20 minutes after that he would attempt to onsight an 8b! It was one of my favorite times in Europe this year and mainly due to hanging out and climbing with Daniel.

He stands by his statements in the video and believes that the Solution is the best shoe ever made and he uses it for everything." 

 Check out what DW has to say about the Solution...WORD!

Daniel Woods Loves the Solution from La Sportiva on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Projects Completed

First of all...sorry for the lack of pictures...I've been taking the video camera out with me instead of the photo camera.  Stay tuned for some video...I'm working on a little bit longer video at the moment that I'm hoping to have done soon.  Nothing special...just a collaboration of some climbs in the south.

Anyways...after waiting out the rain early this weekend I headed back to Rocktown on Sunday to try and finish up Fire in the Mountians...or to at least do the crux move.  Before heading to the back area to work on Fire we stopped at a boulder that I've never really spent much time on called Digital Scales V9.  Digital Scales is a shoulder wrecker of a problem...a.k.a. hard for I was really psyched when I did the low crux section on my second go.  After figuring out some beta for the top section I was able to piece it together for the send.  I was happy to start the day off right and I soon made my way to Fire in the Mountains for my third round of attempts.

I tried Fire from the start a few times with no success and figured it would be good to try and just do the crux move...especially since I hadn't done it before.  I pulled on, everything felt just right, and I did the move!  It was time to try it from the start.  After one failed attempt I brushed the holds and tried again.  This time everything felt right.  I stuck the crux move and somehow scraped my way to the top of the boulder.  I don't really remember anything after doing the crux.  It was one of those autopilot situations. Looking back on it it was probably a good thing I didn't start thinking, otherwise I probably would have sketched myself out and fallen!  HA.

Afterwards Nate Drolet, Senya, and I went to a boulder that I'd never tried before called Iron Claw Sit V10.  We were all psyched to try it and Nathan dispatched the stand V7 for the flash.  After some work and a couple of 'one more tries' I barely managed to top the boulder out.  All in all it was a really fun day and I am happy to have done my project as well as a couple other amazing boulders.  Next on my list of destinations is Dayton!  Hopefully it dries up so I can make it up there later this week...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Projects, Projects

Not much has happened over the last week or so.  I've spent the majority of my time at Rocktown and have been busy with school and such.  I've managed to spend quite a bit of time at Rocktown over the last few years and I still love hanging out on top of the mountain in the quiet, chill atmosphere.  My focus has been set on a problem called Fire in the Mountains V12 that was put up by Jimmy about a month ago.  The line climbs really well and follows a series of powerful pinch and edge moves to the top.  I feel like this problem is REALLY hard!  I have spent two days on the problem exclusively and have yet to do the crux move.  Usually I would have gotten bored and moved on to something else but for some reason I keep wanting to go back.  I can tell you that the attraction of this boulder isn't the comfy holds...the thing is kinda painful! is worth it!  Still psyched!

video still...bad quality

And now I am resting...again...because the weather looks like this...again...

It looks like conditions might be alright on Sunday.  Hopefully things work out so I can make my way back to Rocktown for round 3 of attempts...