Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kinda Uneventful

Not too much happening since I last checked in.  I've made a couple of trips to LRC since my last post but nothing major has been happening.  I've tried the infamous Barndoor 2000 project on two different days now and it is something I am quite psyched on.  The boulder problem really boils down to two moves.  One involves a high foot with a strange right hand gastone that you have to lock down in order to gain a decent slopey edge.  From there you have to match hands and make a HUGE toss to a terrible slot/edge.  I have fallen touching the bottom of that hold twice now.  I really need to get better at jumping...I am in no way close to doing the problem but it is something cool to work on.

The other problem I have tried a little bit is a nice, tall V10 called Power of Amida.  I got close to doing it last trip but we ran out of time.  I'm hoping to make something happen tomorrow when I head up for the day.

There is some talk about a So Ill trip this weekend so I am really excited about that possibility...we will see.

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