Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alabama Bouldering

Rain. Rain. Rain.  I'm contemplating building an arc because I'm pretty sure the southeast is about to flood.  From So Ill to Chatty, wet boulders have been the theme lately.  I drove up to Chatty Friday morning to meet up with some folks and to see if anything in the area would be dry.  A bunch of us met up at Dayton only to find the river raging and the roof (our best bet for dry rock) to be dripping.  We sat underneath the roof for a good 15 minutes wishing that our blank stares would dry out the rock.  Unfortunately we aren't magicians so we bailed, drove back to Chatt, and had a nice gym sesh.  Due to a minor cold, I hadn't climbed since our So Ill trip on the previous weekend, so it was good to just be out of the house moving around.

The plan for the next day was to head to Alabama in search of some dry boulders.  Nathan Drolet and I met up with Nate Draughn, Jimmy Webb, and Brian Clevenger in the A.M. We loaded pads, piled in the car, and were on the way.  Conditions were getting clearer and things looked more and more promising the further away from Chatty we got.  We still weren't quite sure how great it was going to be when we parked the car but as we started hiking to the boulders the attitude shifted and Jimmy (who's basically a walking guidebook) chimed in "Oh man...its dry.  Its gonna be dry.  Its totally gonna be dry."  And he was right!  I think we were all really relieved as soon as we saw that things were good to go and we quickly got to warming up.

The day went well for everybody.  Jimmy put up an amazing compression start to an existing V5 and called it 50 Words for Crazy V8.  Really cool moves on some rad holds.  Nate Draughn, Nate Drolet
(who flashed!), and myself repeated the problem for its first handful of ascents.  Brian Clevenger, whom I hadn't climbed with before yesterday, did a couple V9's and made them look EASY....basically just levitated.  I felt good yesterday as well and managed to do three fantastic problems;  Underworld V10, Dog Laudnam V10, and Hustle and Flow V10.  Jimmy threw together a little video from yesterday's trip.  Check it out below and don't forget to check out his blog... .

Jimmy just recently joined La Sportiva's climbing team and I think he is a great addition to an amazing company.  La Sportiva is making the best shoes out there and I am a true believer in their products.  I know that I wouldn't be nearly as confident in my foot placements without them and I can guarantee that I wouldn't have done half the boulder problems and routes I've done if I hadn't been wearing Sportivas.  That's the TRUTH!  Their shoes are on a different level and if you haven't checked them out I think you owe it to yourself to do so.  You'll be happy you did!  Go to and don't forget to check out the La Sportiva Live section of their website to see what's up!

La Sportiva athlete Brad Weaver from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.