Saturday, January 2, 2010


So our trip to Rocktown to celebrate New Years was cancelled due to terrible weather.  Hayley and I woke up early on Thursday to make the drive and decided about halfway there that there was no way things were going to be had rained all night and it was very foggy.  So we bailed.

Yesterday, however, we decided to start the year off right and went climbing at LRC for the day.  I hadn't been back to the area since the last Triple Crown Comp and I was excited to try some of my old projects as well as try my hand at some new ones.

The Chattanoogan V12 is the line that has received most of my attention this season.  I'd tried it for three or four days prior to yesterday to no avail.  The thing was basically shutting me down...until yesterday anyways.

My first go I felt really good and fell after latching the hold exiting the crux...a crux in itself really...  My next go I did the same.  I rested for five minutes and gave it another go...this time I hit the hold perfectly and was able to finish it up!  I am very happy to have this one done and it was a great way to start off the year.

The Chattanoogan from Brad Weaver on Vimeo.

Afterwards we headed over to The Law so Senya could try and finish it up.  He got close but didn't quite manage to put it together.  Next time!  We then headed over to Dragonslayer V12, where I once again got taught a lesson.  Hayley then went on to do Mother Thrutch Low V5 with the quickness and Sarah got SUPER close to doing Deception!  Nice one gals!

Next on my list was to try The Shield V12 again.  I had tried it very little in the past and have always been kind of intimidated by it.  Yesterday though, I ended up falling going to the good hold post crux on three out of my four tries...but then I split a tip.  Needless to say I'm psyched to get back to try and finish it off tomorrow!

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