Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weekend Happenings

This weekend I made my first trip to the Obed to climb at the Lilly Boulders.

Sarah on O.P.P.

The main goal for the trip was to climb an old Litz line called Testify V12.  After driving for 4ish hours and warming up, my buddy Senya and I laid down pads and got to work.  After dialing in some key foot beta I was able to dispatch!

I called it a day there and waited to try the next problem on my list, The Hume Problem V10, the next day.  Again, after a nice warmup and some beta sussing I was able to send the rig!

The Hume Problem

The rest of the day was a little more low key and we were able to climb some amazing problems in the woods of Tennessee.

Senya at the Lilly Boulders

We decided to roll out of the Lilly Boulders that evening and we made the drive to Rocktown, GA.  I have spent a lot of time at this boulder field over the past few years but one problem on my lifetime list has always eluded me...Golden Harvest V10.

Golden Harvest climbs a beautiful orange, slightly overhung face on slopey sidepulls and it has always managed to shut me down.  This weekend, however, I was able to snag an ascent with the quickness!  Very pleased with this one...a progression of sorts for myself.

Golden Harvest

Afterwards we made our way to Bionic Rats V8/9 so Senya could try his hand at it.  I was able to repeat and Senya was able to send after figuring out some beta.

Senya dispatching Bionic Rats

On Thursday Hayley and I have plans to head back to Rocktown to join in on the New Years festivities. I have a couple of problems that I would like to do so hopefully I can make something happen.

Oh...I also just received my Canon HG20 that I ordered a little while ago!  You can guarantee that I'll put it to good use too...ha!