Monday, November 30, 2009

Slope It Up...Do It..Eh.......Do It

HP40 this last weekend was a blast. There were a bunch of people around which made it all the more enjoyable. The three things that I wanted to try this weekend were Hot n Tot V10, Skeletor V10, and The Matchmaker Project.

Friday morning Nathan and I drove to Horse Pens and arrived around noon. After warming up we went over so Nathan could try and finish off Law Dog V8, which he succeeded in doing quickly. After this I went over to Hot n Tot. I was able to work out my beta but was unable to pull it off. I decided to wait until the next day to try any more in order to save my skin. After watching Nathan kill Litz Pocket V8 I met up with Jimmy to try The Matchmaker project. I had tried this problem a little bit after the HP comp and couldn't figure it out. Well within 10 minutes of lacing up Jimmy decided to just do the problem... seemingly effortless. Very inspiring to say the least. I proceeded to throw myself at the problem for the next 15 minutes to no avail. SHUTDOWN!

After failing, I went over to Skeletor V10 and got close to doing it but couldn't pull it off. Not a good day for me. However, Nathan went on to send Supa Coola V6 and Squeeze Play V7/8. Good day for the little homie for sure! I called it a day there and figured I might have better luck the next day.

Nathan Topping Out

Saturday was a bit warmer than Friday but it was really nice out. Senya arrived that morning and was psyched on finishing up Cadillac Thrills V9 and I was psyched on Hot n Tot so that's where we found outselves after warming up. I was able to dispatch quickly and Senya followed in suit.

Senya on Cadillac Thrills V9

I chilled the rest of the day and watched everybody else climb while I waited for Skeletor to go in the shade. The time arrived and I was able to hook it up first go of the day. Psyched! I love slopers!

Nathan Sloping It Up

This weekend is the last competition of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series so I'm looking forward to that. After that Hayley and I are heading to Arkansas to boulder for a couple of weeks. I'm super psyched for this trip....a new area and new boulders! Psyched!

UPDATE: After the girlfriend read this last post she noticed that I hadn't mentioned her presence this weekend. So I just wanted to let you all know that Hayley was indeed at Horse Pens during this time.


  1. Interestingly enough, I had a conversation with the first ascentionist of "Hot n Tot", Randy Puro, this weekend. He told me the name is actually 'Hottentot' the name given to the Khoikoi people, by European settlers in Southern Africa. See wikipedia for more riveting info on the subject.

  2. Haha i didn't see Haley... ya don't have to lie for her brad.. And nice job on hottentot and skeletor! Proud my friend, proud. Seeya this weekend!

  3. Justin- crazy about the name

    Jimmy- thanks man...see ya this weekend

  4. Justin- crazy about the name!

    Jimmy- thanks man. see ya in chatty