Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some Progress and Some Inspiration!

Today was another LRC sesh for Hayley and I. The rock was rather wet feeling and it was humid but we made the best of it. I tried The Chattanoogan a bit and was able to do 'the move' a few times, which I was super psyched about! No go from the start but it is PROGRESS! I'm going to end up making a super project out of this rig.

Tomorrow and Thursday I am resting and on Friday Hayley, Nathan, and myself are heading down to Horse Pens for the weekend. There is going to be quite a crew down there so it'll be interesting to see what goes down.

In the meantime check out this old video of french strongman, Tony Lamiche, KILLING it here in the southeast. Enjoy!

UPDATE: For some reason the video was playing automatically everytime somebody visited this site so for now I posted the link to the video.

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