Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HP 40

Last weekend the second comp of the Triple Crown series was held at Horse Pens 40 in Alabama. I've spent a lot of time at HP over the years so I felt pretty good going into it. The forecast for Saturday called for a high of 75 with no clouds....quite warm for the temperature dependent slopers that HP is known for. Walking around the boulder field Friday night I tried to come up with a plan for the next day but quickly decided to just wing it and see what happened.

On Saturday morning the crowds quickly dispersed throughout the boulders and people got to work. Everybody knew that it was going to get hot fast and you could sense the urgency to warm up quickly and get to the day's projects. After climbing on some jugs and doing the classic V4 The Lowdown, I banged out Thugs and Bitches V8, Hugs and Kisses V8, and Ghetto Superstar V9. I felt good on these climbs and decided my fingers were warmed up enough to head over to God Module V11. I knocked this one out in a few tries, which felt good considering I had completed the problem for the first time (with some effort) last December. After that the day went as follows...

  • SuperSlider V10
  • Cadillac Thrills V9
  • Pegmodo V9
  • Five-O V9
  • Lawdog V8
  • Waterloo V8
  • Suspicions V8
  • Stepchild Low V8
  • Landslide V8
  • Tried Stingray and failed
  • Comp was over and I was wrecked

Overall I felt like the day was a success. I think I placed 6th place with a score of 10, 607....only about 500 points behind third place. Needless to say everybody had a good day and there were a few of us that were quite close. Congrats to everybody that competed on Saturday! Temps weren't ideal but people were psyched and everybody climbed hard!

Later this week I'm going to try and make it to LRC or Dayton to do some bouldering. There are a bunch of problems that I'd like to try at both areas that are going to be really hard for me, so I'm psyched to start working on them.

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