Friday, November 20, 2009

Chatty Round 2

Earlier this week I headed up to Chattanooga to stay with my buddy Nathan. I left Tuesday morning, drove through some rain, and met up with him at his place. It had rained the previous night, as well as some that morning so we decided that the steep Dayton roof would be our best bet for dry rock. We piled in his van and made our way to Dayton hoping for the best. Psych was high and we were amped to find the roof dry enough to climb on.

After warming up we jumped on a cool problem called Honeycomb V10. I was able to hook it up in a few goes and Nathan was SUPER close as well. Keep at it man! It will go!

Next on my list was a problem called Vapor Lock V11. I tried this problem a little bit last year on one of my visits to the area and got shut down pretty quickly. It felt much more doable this time around and I was able to hook it up after a little bit of work.

It was dark by this point so we called it a day and headed back to Chatty. We awoke the next morning and quickly made our way up to LRC. The temps were good but it was still pretty humid and many of the holds felt sweaty but we made a good day out of it nonetheless.

Some shots:

Nathan Drolet Photo

Hayley and I are heading back up there tomorrow bright and early. I'm psyched to put some more work in on The Chattanoogan as well as The Law. Wish me luck!

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