Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To The RED!!

First off let me say that the Hound's Ears comp was amazing. Although the rock is incredibly sharp, the lines are superb...some of the best I've seen in the south. I started the day off on a good foot by flashing The Crusher, a classic V10 I've been wanting to do since I saw it in Dosage 1 over 5 years ago. I went on to do several other stellar lines like Mr. Thick V9, Nudging It V10, The Jerk V8, etc. I barely managed to fill out 10 problems on my scorecard and definitely didn't have the highest score but I chalked the day up as a win in my book.

Right now I am trying to get ahead on as much homework as possible because I leave for the Red on Friday. Conditions look good, minus a few thunderstorms, and I am psyched to try to put my new bouldering strength to work on Lucifer 5.14c. I came desperately close on this line last year and had to leave it for the season when the weather turned too cold and wet. I feel much stronger than I did last year so I'm hoping things will go well!

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  1. ill see your face at the gorge, ill be for a week starting sunday