Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh My Lots of Corn

Hayley and I are now back in the flatlands of Illinois.  We decided to bail from Rifle early for a few reasons...we both started school about a week ago (kinda hard to do school while camping), we had minor injuries/little tweaks, but most of all we were ready for some down time.  It is awesome being on the road traveling, seeing new places, and climbing as much as possible.  BUT,  all the driving, running around, packing, etc. gets tiring...We are both appreciating being able to chill out in a house and are happy to not be on the go constantly.  Relaxation!  We are both going into the local gym, Upper Limits, to start getting in shape for the Red in October.  Bouldering is the name of the game right now...gotta keep that power.  I'm just hoping that I can keep some of the endurance I gained earlier this season while we climb on these short gym routes and boulder problems.  We will see...

Some shots...

Climbing Hands


Damaged Goods

Early morning fog in Iowa

The flatlands of Illinios

It all looks the same...


  1. Thanks for posting the pics of IL...kinda miss the beauty of the open sky. Kinda, not really. Love the mountains. Tell everyone hi for us!


  2. No worries...I kinda like IL! Didn't think I would but I do...I guess I learned to appreciate the simplicity.