Thursday, July 23, 2009

OR is Done!

So somehow I managed to qualify in 14th place this year at the Mammut Bouldering Championships, which definitely exceeded my placement expectations.  I managed to top out three out of the five problems in qualifiers and I missed making finals by two people.  I'm really stoked on how I climbed during the comp and had a blast!  I had so much fun in fact, that I'm actually considering competing more...CRAZY!  

Ryan Olsen on Problem #4

Jon Glassberg on Problem #2

Anywho...Tuesday night the finals comp was held on top of the Shilo Inn in downtown Salt Lake.  Anybody who hasn't been is missing out because it is a hell of a good time!  Hanging out, partying with friends, and watching the best climbers compete for a spot on the podium is rad! 
Dario and Ginley kickin' it

Hayley and I have a week left here in Salt Lake before we head to Rifle for the entire month of August!  Needless to say we are psyched.  Before we leave I am taking a much needed break from body and mind are worked.  It is hard to climb all the time without getting a little burnt out, especially when you have to drive all the time.  The rest will be good for recovery and motivation.  There is so much I want to do in Rifle and I have a whole month to do it!  After Rifle we will be busy visiting family for the majority of September and then...its off to the Red for October and November!!!  Sooo stoked!!!  Hayley and I  are both stoked on seeing friends and we both have unfinished business there.... 

Photo:  Nathan Drolet

We are definitely looking forward to it...


  1. Brad! Good Seeing you at OR... Keep it up!

    See you out there....

  2. yeah man...good seeing ya too. keep killin it. see ya in the southeast.

  3. good work at the comp homie, see you in the gorge

    Steve W

  4. Nice job at the comp man. Didn't get to catch the qualifiers but the finals were pretty sick to watch.