Monday, June 1, 2009

Mr. Maaggggooooo

I spent the past weekend at Maple Canyon.  It was a pretty productive weekend as far as projects go.  We got down pretty late on Friday night so we decided to skip out on the long approach to the Pipedream Cave and headed to Box Canyon instead.  Hayley got psyched on Grip Tease 5.12a and figured out the moves with ease.  I decided to try Cobble Killer 5.13b/c.  Kevin and I ended up finding a much easier method for the bottom crux, using an unchalked hold.  I sussed out the moves and ended up doing it second go.  

Photos:  Kevin Todd
Cobble Killer 5.13b/c
The next day we had made plans to go to Pipedream but after our warm up at Box we decided to stay there for the day.  Hayley had fallen off the last few moves of Grip Tease and I was interested in trying Body Dump 5.13c.  I ended up finding a good sequence through the bottom boulder problem, which weighs in around v7/8, and fired it second go as well.  I woke up fairly sore Sunday but I was pretty determined to make it up to Pipedream so I could get completely wrecked before heading home.  I had tried Sheep Shagger 5.13d and The Great Feast 5.13c a week prior and was psyched to get back on both.  I held off on my second burn on Sheep Shagger because I thought I had a good shot at doing it second go.  This time I fired through the crux and found myself at the chains where I could hear my friend Clay yelling to keep going.  I was wicked pumped but tried anyways.  I kept going up the extension of Pipedream 5.14a and fell in the crux...right before a MASSIVE jug rail where you can get an upside down double kneebar.  After a long rest I hopped on The Great Feast for an end of the day enduro burn and ended up doing that as well!  All in all it was a good weekend and I have completed all my projects.  I'm off to Maple again tomorrow and Wednesday so I'm sure I'll have at least one project by the time I get back.

Maple Canyon

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  1. That looks sick dude. I'ma try and talk Sir Doyle into a Utah trip over winter break. If we go, we should meet up and hang out.