Monday, May 18, 2009


Been pretty busy with all the accident bullshit/have been stuck since I don't have a vehicle for another a chance to get out to Maple recently. I took flash burn on Wyoming Sheep Shagger 5.13d and got further than I thought I would. I've heard that the hardest move in the Pipedream Cave was on the Shagger and I got the complete spraydown before my attempt. I made it through the business and was making my way into where it links into Millenium but I was beyond pumped and fell throwing for a non-existent hold. Afterwards I jumped on The Great Feast 5.13c/d. I tried this route last year a little bit but didn't manage to do it during my short visit. I didn't really remember any beta but managed push to the last bolt before pumping out completely. I jumped on a few more routes to finish off the day to really set in the pump. I woke up the next day and felt like I had been hit by a everything was sore! We spent the day at a shorter, more bouldery wall in the Left Fork area where I managed to onsight or flash several twelves. Not too much going on for now...just staying psyched and mostly training inside. Here in a week when I have a vehicle again I'll be making my way to Maple, Logan, and the Narrows every chance I get. My plate is full!!! Once again...stick with me...


  1. Nice work on Millenium.... you are definitely climbin hard. I was thinking about gettin out west and was wondering if you would like do so some filming? you can check out some of my work @ let me know what you think. Take care and keep climbing strong! PEace!

  2. I'd be down! let me know if your trip works out.