Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ain't I

Saturday night Hayley and I made the trip to Joe's Valley.  As we drove into Orangeville, just outside of Joe's, there was snow covering everything.  We weren't super psyched but crashed and hoped for the best the next morning.

We woke up the next morning and drove to New Joe's hoping for better conditions.  We lucked out and it was PERFECT...40 degrees and sunny.  Friction was good and psych was high.

Cam trying Will's A Fire V6

Hayley was psyched to try Sun in My Eyes Right V6.  She had worked on it on our prior trip and was psyched to figure out the rest of the moves and try to link it together.  She managed to pull out some ninja beta and was able to piece it into 2 sections.  Unfortunately she wasn't able to put it all together but we will go back and she will crush it next time for sure.

Cam flashing Self-Service V5

Hayley on some V7 before breaking a key hold.

After our morning session at New Joe's we made our way over to the Right Sign Area so I could try to finish off We Call Him Michael V11.  There was one move stopping me from doing it the last time I was there...a big jump move to a big bucket.  I made an effort to work on dynamic moves at the gym, hoping that it would help me with problems like this.  My first couple goes I fell on the throw, hitting the hold low.  I rested for 5 minutes and gave it another go.  I tried to overshoot the hold and managed to hit it perfectly.  My feet swung out, I held the swing, and I was able to top out the boulder.  This problem was really hard for my first session on it and I am psyched it went down smoothly yesterday.  I feel like I am still progressing, which is awesome.  For awhile there I felt like I was on a plateau and I couldn't get psyched.  Yesterday was a good confidence booster for me.

Cam working Golden Plates V7

Before we headed back home I went up to try Gentleman's Project V11.  Things went well and I managed to match the crux hold for a few seconds before peeling away from the wall.  Super psyched on this problem...can't wait to get back.

I'm about to head to LCC to try to find some dry rock.  If all else fails I will head back to Ching and proceed to blow my tips to hell...again.  I'm also psyched to keep taking photos.  I feel like they're slowly coming along...


  1. I think we drove past your car on our way out sunday. We were at the smokin joe boulder. Decided not to stay till tuesday? We will probably go down again this weekend if the weather is good.


  2. yeah we bailed and came back to slc. went to lcc today...super wrecked. we'll be down next weekend as long as the weather stays good. hayley wants to finish her problem and i'd be psyched to get down again. sorry we missed ya. hopefully better luck next weekend!