Monday, April 20, 2009

Pumpy Pumpy

Lack of updates recently.  I've been busy working and climbing when I can.  I got out to LCC the other day with Cam and Kelly.  I finally got to try a problem called Bear Hug Sit V8.  Super cool compression problem on rad slopers.  

Bear Hug Sit V8

Sunday we went out to do some rope climbing, which I was super psyched about.  We journeyed out to a crag in Echo Canyon called The Dry Wall.  The climbing was slightly overhung cobble pulling.  It was a lot like Maple Canyon, but wasn't quite as long.  I was psyched to try and get in as many pitches as I could and actually ended up having a no fall day.  I am trying hard to get at least a little endurance before my 4 day trip to St. George this weekend.  I went to the gym tonight and focused on getting pumped and trying to recover - up and down climbing problems and then trying to recover on a jug. I think it worked quite well for endurance training in a boulder gym because I'm still pumped as I type.  My main goal this weekend is to try a climb called Treebeard 5.13c.  I figure this is a good starting point for getting back into route shape.   On another note my buddy/photog fiend Kevin Todd is moving out here this Thursday, so I should have some awesome photos posted more frequently.  Things are finally starting to dry out here around Salt Lake so there should be more updates on a regular basis.  Stick with me...

Cam working Lance's Dihedral V6

Utah Sunset over Salt Lake

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