Monday, April 27, 2009


Goal for this past weekend-climb a route called Treebeard 5.13c up at the Cathedral in Southern Utah.  Goal accomplished.  After my brutal warmup, which resulted in me getting insanely pumped, I got the complete beta spraydown from Joe.  I had no expectations when I started the route but I quickly found myself past the crux-resting on a big jug.  My mind started to get into the flash-jitter mode at this point.  You start to realize that you have a chance at flashing something, you start to breath heavy, and you tell yourself to keep it together and not screw something up.  I think I managed to rest on every good hold I came across...SOOO pumped!  I kept it together long enough to clip chains!  This is my first flash of the grade and I'm definitely stoked, but I think I'm more psyched on the fact that I am feeling comfortable on different styles of climbing.  Limestone climbs so much differently than sandstone so adapting to it is a totally new experience for me.  

Some pics from the weekend:

Chuckawalla Wall

The Cathedral

Cam and Kelly

Our Current Setup

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