Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sneaky Sneaky Sir...

So a few days ago I posted about going up to LCC with the intention of doing Maisch Roof V11. I didn't end up making it out to try the problem like I wanted to. Instead I climbed on some chiller problems and then went to try The Dominatrix again. The Dominatrix went fairly well. I feel a lot better on the crux move but I'm still nowhere close to doing it. I'm hoping that it'll be one of those problems I can come back to a year later and do fairly easily. HA! That'd be sick! I was set on making it back out to try Maisch Roof. Hayley and I made our way out, I laid down the pads, brushed the holds, and got psyched. I pulled on and grabbed a bad right hand crimp, set me feet up and fell into a good incut undercling crimp. I made a few more moves and threw out to a good slopey rail on the lip. I was suprised and realized that I had a good chance at flashing it from there. After a few more difficult moves I was on the short headwall and was staring at the jug on the lip of the boulder. I tried to just lock off the right hand and reach out to the bueno...I brought my hand back down, set my feet up, threw to the jug, and latched it! PSYCHED!!

This is my first flash of the grade and I'm pretty psyched. I didn't really have any expectations going into it, which I think helped quite a bit.

We ended up going to a couple other areas later in the evening to do some more easier climbing.  Tomorrow I'm headed to either American Fork to see if things have dried out or out to LCC again. Chyeaa!!!

Some shots:

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