Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keep Your Hustle Tight

On Friday night I made a trip out to Little Cottonwood with my buddy Cam.  He just moved out to Utah a week or so ago so he was psyched to check out what Utah has to offer.  We made it out shortly before dark, just enough time for a quicky sesh.  I ended up doing a few new problems including Copperhead V10. My buddy Nathan flew into SLC that night and we had plans to go to Joe's a few days later.  We were psyched.  I ended up doing a bunch of awesome classics over the two days we were there.  Here are a bunch of pics from the weekend...

Rocco leanin'

Purple Drank

Sun in My Eyes Traverse V6

Nathan killing Big Boy Variation V7

Pocket Rocket V6

Nathan on Chips V7

Right Sign Area

We Call Him Michael V11

Pondering why I suck at jumping...

We are back in SLC resting and healing.  Hoping to make it out to Joe's for a day trip Friday. That's what's up... 

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