Friday, February 6, 2009


Since I'm stuck in town this weekend I went to check out American Fork and Little Cottonwood yesterday.  After seeing that A.F. was completely soaked from seepage I dipped over to LCC.  I hiked around and basically found the place to also be completely soaked from all the melting snow.  I finally found one piece of rock that was dry..the Tiger Stripe boulder.  This boulder houses some amazing hard problems like, Bully V11, Shingles V9, Ching V12, and Chang V13.  One of the problems that stood out instantly was Shingles.  With its steep angle and slopey crimps, it is a very attractive problem and I was able to finish it off in a few tries.

After that I tried a problem called Ching V12.  The problem is only a few moves long and is low to the ground (i.e. lowball).  Although these types of problems aren't always the most aesthetic, I tend to like them.

The first move is chill, starting off a slopey rail with a large foot and moving up left hand to a small crimp.  

The next move is a long lockoff to the lip of the boulder, where you have to bump up to a very small edge.  

After you lock into the small edge you bring your foot up to the starting hold and pop to a good sloper. From there the problem is over. The move to the good sloper is all accuracy, and apparently, I'm not that accurate.  I can't tell you how many times I fell going for that hold/falling on the last move.  Not only that, but I somehow managed to split my tip.  Sick!  Super frustrating.  It's all good though...I'm going to the gym tonight to train and I'll be back out there in a couple of days after my tip heals up.

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  1. hey, was nice to meet you at the gym - love reading the blog and im glad you found some dry stuff! I can't wait till more dries out in lcc, its going to be a great spring