Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Preliminary Joe's/St. George Ticklist

So I've been sitting around for the past week, watching climbing videos, resting, and coming up with a list of problems and routes that I want to do while I'm in Utah for the next 6 months.  There is so much to do but my time is somewhat limited so I've only included problems in Joe's Valley and routes in St. George.  Hopefully I'll be able to get close to doing all the climbs on the list as well as some others that aren't.  I'm so psyched to get out west and to start climbing somewhere new!  Its always a learning experience climbing in new areas and I'm excited to learn some new climbing styles and techniques.  Anyways...here's the list.  I'm sure I'll add other problems and routes as I go and I'm always open for suggestions...


Joe's Valley
The Wind Below V8
Smokin' Joe V9
Worst Case Scenario V9
The Knocking Room V9
Resident Evil V10
Trent's Mom V10
Beyond Life V10
Freak V10
Fingerhut V10
Worm Turns V10
Nerve Extension V10
Prince of Thieves V11
Jitterbug Perfume V11
Man From the Past V11
They Call Him Michael V11
No Additives V11
Battletoads V12
Beyond Life SDS V12
Blackout V12
Black Lung V12/13


Gorilla Cliffs
The Present 8b+/5.14a

Black and Tan
Sniffing Glue 8a+/5.13c
Old World Lullaby 8b+/5.14a
Breakin' the Law 8c/5.14b

The Cathedral
Treebeard 8a+/5.13c
Pucker 8a+/5.13c
Sonic Boom 8b/5.13d
Half Broken, Half Baked 8b+/5.14a
All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go 8b+/5.14a
The Incredible Huck 8c/5.14b
Slaughter House 5 8c/5.14b
Golden 8c/5.14b
Tree House 8c+/5.14c
Golden Direct 9a/5.14d

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