Saturday, December 27, 2008


So instead of heading to LRC for an awesome day of climbing Hayley and I woke up to more shit weather.  Yesterday we decided to gamble and head to LRC despite a bad forecast.  As soon as we got near Chattanooga we realized that our 7 a.m. wakeup was a bad call.  Driving up the mountain to get to LRC was like going through a cloud and upon further inspection the cloud had soaked everything.  Instead of driving the hour to Chatt only to be disappointed we decided to chill (yet again) for the day.  Halfway through the day I started tweaking out about not climbing and we decided to head to Wall Crawlers in Atlanta.  As you can imagine we were super psyched about climbing in the gym.  Just look at the enthusiasm in gal's face...

Seriously though, it was a fun afternoon of plastic pulling.  I'm definitely psyched about the idea of being sore tomorrow.

The weather for next week looks promising so hopefully it will hold out long enough for us to get out.  LRC is the main priority at this point, however, we are most likely heading to Rocktown for New Years to spend it with the rest of our friends.  Word...

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